Almost most of the humans in this world belongs to different Religion and most of them believe in God or Gods. Born in a Muslim family, I believe in the oneness of God and Prophet (PBUH) is the Last Messanger of Allah.

I bear witness that there is no deity but God, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God.

Islam always teaches us humanity, justice, and most importantly to think deeply about different things happening around us. About 750 verses of the Quran exhort its readers to study nature, history, the Quran itself, and humanity.

So from my childhood, I just want to be so close to Allah that I can talk to Allah but how? We have been told to Read Arabic Verses of Quran but never been forced to read the translation or at least what this Arabic Verse means? What Allah Wants to tell us in Quran? I always had these questions in my mind.

I always dreamed of having a connection with Allah, just like the Sahabas had. But Sorry to say that I was unable to do that because when I used to pray Namaz, to me it was just an exercise because I was unable to understand that what I’m saying in Namaz. So What I did that I learned the Nemaz translation and then I was so shocked and happy that when I started the prayer . To me it was like I’m talking to Allah and Allah is listening.

This was the First step for me to get close to Allah but still, there was an emptiness in me. Somehow my life turns into Disaster and it was like Dark Cloud around me. My belief started to shake. I start to ask the question Where is Allah? Is there is any God in this world?

I know these words may feel like someone with “No Imaan” but I think to me it was like researching my Allah because it is mention in the Quran to Understand and to think. My mind used to say that If someone who is not a Muslim approaches me and asked me questions related to Allah and Islam. Would I able to answer that? In reality, there was a silence whenever I asked this question from myself.

So how I get to attach to Allah? I simply start to Learn Quran by myself and some online resources to understand what Allah is trying to say.

Like I mentioned that there was a time when I had nothing, no money, and no friends. I feel like I was in “Dark Room” and there is no one who can help me yet my connection with Allah show me a Bright light in that “Dark Room” and I simply followed that Light and That light was in fact Allah’s help.

You can not build your strong connection with Allah by simply blindly follow something you don’t understand. To build a strong connection with Allah , you have to understand What Allah really wants us to listen to.

After so many incidents and traumas in my life, my connection with Allah gets stronger just because of my understanding and love for my Allah.

Always remember there is always light in a dark room and that light is Actually Allah’s help.

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